Class 10 Biology How Do Organisms Reproduce Artificial Vegetative Propagation

Artificial Vegetative Propagation


A plant part is cut from the parent & put into the soil which later give rise to a new plant.

  • Stem cutting: Rose, sugarcane
  • Root cutting: Dahlia


   Pic: Stem cutting in Rose plant              


  • New plants are formed from stems of parent plant without detaching them initially from the parent. A variety of plants can be grown by this method like strawberry, guava, lemon, china rose etc..
    • Mound layering

A branch is pulled towards ground and then a part of it is covered with moist soil. New roots later develop from this part, after which it gets detached from the parent plant.


  • Air layering

An aerial branch is scraped and covered with moist mud which is then covered with plastic. New roots develop after sometime, after which the new part gets detached from the parent.



Stems cut from two different plants are attached to grow as a single plant. This improves the quality of certain plants.


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