Class 10 Biology How Do Organisms Reproduce Sperms

Sperms: The male gametes

  • Tiny bodies with long tail
  • Mainly composed of genetic material

  • Sperms are produced in testes. Around 12 billion sperms are produced per month.
  • Sperms move from Testes to Epididymus where they mature
  • Before intercourse, Penis gets filled with blood and becomes erect.
  • Mature sperms move from Epididymus to Vas deferens
  • Ducts of seminal vesicle and prostate gland combine with Vas deferens to form the Ejaculatory duct
  • The liquid mixture (consisting of sperm) from the Ejaculatory duct joins the urethra and gets ejaculated.
  • Of 300 million sperms ejaculated, only 200- 300 survive to reach the egg cell & only one succeed to fertilize it.

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