Class 10 Biology How Do Organisms Reproduce Menstruation

Sexual cycle in Females: Menstruation

  • An egg is released from either of the ovaries every 28 days. The unfertilized egg is alive for 24 hours after ovulation. Uterus prepares itself to receive the foetus. As a result, the Endometrium thickens.
  • If fertilization doesn’t take place, then no zygote is formed. Therefore, endometrium breaks which results in bleeding through vagina.
  • Process of bleeding though vagina due to breakage of endometrium is termed as ‘Menstruation’. This bleeding lasts for 2-6 days. This occurs approx. 14 days after ovulation.
  • Since Menstruation occurs every 28 days; this is also referred as Menstrual cycle


  • Menstrual cycle in a woman continues till 45-55 years of age, post which ovary becomes dormant. No ovulation, no menstruation occurs after this. This is termed as “Menopause”

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