Class 10 Biology Management of Natural Resources Protecting the natural resources

Protecting the natural resources

Ganga action plan is the project cam e about to the make the water of Ganga

Fig. Ganga action plan to make river Ganga clean  

River Ganga was polluted by human activities like bathing, washing, industrial effluents and also by disease causing microorganisms.


Fig. polluted river Ganga  

Coliform is a group of bacteria, found in human intestine, whose presence in water indicates contamination by disease causing microorganisms.


Fig. Coliform bacteria  

Some of the pollutants are harmful even when present in small quantities and sophisticated techniques are required to maintain them.

Measuring pH of water is a technique that can be checked by using universal indicator.

Three R’s are used to save the environment –

  • Reduce – natural resources should be used in fewer amounts.
  • Recycle- the waste like plastic, glass, metal items can be collected separately and used again to make required things.
  • Reuse- things should be used again and again. For example- plastic bottles containing pickles can be used again for storing any other materials.

Fig. Three R’s to save the environment

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