Class 10 Biology Management of Natural Resources Forests and wildlife

Forests and wildlife

Forests are ‘biodiversity hot spots ‘.

Biodiversity is the variety of species living in different habitats.

Fig. Biodiversity-a porcupine, a jackal, an elephant, sal tree, an insect  

Biodiversity should be preserved because a loss of biodiversity may lead to a loss of ecological stability.

All animals along with the stake holders are largely dependent on forest.

Stake holders are -

  • Local people who live in forest or around forests and are dependent on forest for firewood, timber, fruits, nuts, medicines and thatches to make huts, baskets for collecting foods, implements for fishing, agriculture.

Fig local people  

  • The forest department which owns the land and converted the forests to monocultures of pine, teak plants and for this huge areas are cleared of all vegetation which effected large amount of biodiversity along with the varied needs of local people.

Fig. Teak plantation   

  • The industrialists use the forests as a source of raw material for their factories.
  • The nature enthusiasts want to conserve nature in its pristine form.

Forests are ought to be used in a manner that is both environmentally and developmentally sound.

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