Class 10 Chemistry Carbon and Its Compounds Properties of Ethanol

Properties of Ethanol

  • Ethanol exists in liquid state at room temperature.
  • Mixture of alcohol to ethane results in the formation of ethanol and it is the active ingredient of all alcoholic drinks. Even a small quantity of ethanol if consumed can causes drunkenness.
  • Being a good solvent, it is also used in medicines like tincture of iodine, cough syrups, and many other tonics.
  • Reactions of Ethanol
  • Reaction with sodium –

Reaction of alcohols with sodium leads to the evolution of hydrogen. Reaction of sodium with ethanol the product formed along with hydrogen is sodium ethoxide.

  • Reaction to give unsaturated hydrocarbon:

Reaction of ethanol with excess concentrated sulphuric acid acting as dehydrating agent at 443 K results in the dehydration of Ethanol leading to the formation of Ethene.



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