Class 10 Maths Statistics Mode of Grouped Data

Mode of Grouped Data

 Mode is that value among the observations which occurs most often, that is, the value of the observation having the maximum frequency.

In a grouped frequency distribution, it is not possible to determine the mode by looking at the frequencies. Here, we can only locate a class with the maximum frequency, called the modal class.

E.g. Looking at data below, we can say that maximum occurrence occur at class 60-80, frequency 61. But we can’t tell the most frequent data (mode).

We can use this formula to find the mode for Grouped data. In the example above modal class is 60-80.

  • where l = lower limit of the modal class,
  • h = size of the class interval (assuming all class sizes to be equal),
  • f1 = frequency of the modal class,
  • f0 = frequency of the class preceding the modal class,
  • f2 = frequency of the class succeeding the modal class.


For the example above, modal class is 60-80 with frequency 61

Therefore,  l=60, h = 80-60 = 20, f1 =61, f0 = 52, f2 = 38

Mode = 60 + (61-52)/(2*61-52-38) *20

Or Mode = 65.625

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