Class 10 Maths Surface Areas Volumes Frustum of a Cone

Frustum of a Cone

We will take a right circular cone and remove a portion of it. There are so many ways in which we can do this. But one particular case that we are interested in is the removal of a smaller right circular cone by cutting the given cone by a plane parallel to its base. You must have observed that the glasses, used for drinking water, are of this shape.  This remaining portion of cone is called Frustum of a cone.



Let h be the height, l the slant height and r1 and r2 the radii of the ends (r1 > r2) of the frustum of a cone. Then we can directly find the volume, the curved surace area and the total surface area of frustum by using the formulae given below.

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Numerical: The cap used by the Turks, is shaped like the frustum of a cone.  If its radius on the open side is 10 cm, radius at the upper base is 4 cm and its slant height is 15 cm, find area of material used for making it.


Solution: Surface area of the cap is π(r1 + r2)l

Total Surface Area of cap (hollow from bottom)  = π(r1 + r2)l  + π( r2)2

= 22/7 *( 10 + 4 ) * 15 + 22/7 * 4 * 4 cm2
= 710.3 cm2


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