Class 10 Physics Electricity Applications of Heating effect of Current

Applications of Heating effect of Current

  • Appliances based on Joule’s heating are electric iron, electric toaster, electric heater, oven etc.

  • Heating effect produces light in a bulb. Tungsten wire inside the bulb becomes hot and emits light when current passes through it. Since it has a high melting point of 3380°C, it does not break. Also, due to the presence of gases like chemically inactive nitrogen and argon inside the bulb, the filament remains thermally isolated and its life increases.

  • Joule’s heating is also used in fuses where a thin wire protects the household appliances from power surge. Fuse wires are made of thin aluminium, copper etc. with an appropriate melting point. These wires melt and break the circuit due to heating during excessive current.

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