Class 10 Physics Sources of Energy Wind Energy

Wind Energy


  • In areas which are very windy, windmills are erected.
  • A windmill consists of a fan-like structure erected on a strong standing support at a considerable height.
  • The strong wind moves the wings of the windmill and this turns the turbines of the electric generato This mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.
  • Since the output of a single windmill is very small, many such windmills have to be erected in a carefully chosen place where there is consistent blowing of winds of atleast 15km/hr. This is known as a wind energy farm which are generally large (2 hectares of land)

Advantages of Wind energy

Disadvantages of Wind energy

·         It is environment friendly.

·         Renewable source of energy

·         Only construction expense is involved, but the maintenance (or recurring cost) is less


·         Initial establishment for construction is high.

·         Also, a lot of open area for wind energy farm is required.

·         Cannot be established everywhere because of requirement of open space an also where winds blow at greater that 15km/hr for most of the year.


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