Class 11 Biology Animal Kingdom Phylum Porifera

Phylum Porifera

  • Members of this phylum are commonly known as sponges.
  • Waterenters in the body of sponges through minute pores (ostia) in the body wall into a central cavity, spongocoel, from where it goes out through the
  • Choanocytes or collar cells line the spongocoel and the canals.
  • Digestion is intracellular, skeleton made up of spicules or spongin fibres, they are hermaphrodites.
  • Sponges reproduce asexually by fragmentation and sexually by formation of gametes, fertilization is internal and development is indirect.

Examples- Sycon (Scypha), Spongilla (Fresh water sponge)


Fig. Fresh water sponge

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