Class 11 Biology Animal Kingdom Class Aves

Class Aves

  • The characteristic features of Aves (birds) are the presence of feathers.
  • They possess beak, forelimbs are modified into wings, hind limbs generally have scales and are modified for walking, swimming etc.
  • Skin is dry without glands except the oil gland at the base of the tail.
  • Endoskeleton is fully ossified (bony) and the long bones are hollow with air cavities.
  • The digestive tract of birds has additional chambers, the crop and gizzard.
  • Sexes are separate, fertilisation is internal, they are oviparous and development is direct.
  • Heart is completely four chambered and they are warm-blooded animals.


  1. Corvus (Crow)
  2. Columba (Pigeon).


Fig. Crow


Fig. Pigeon

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