Class 11 Biology Chemical Coordination MECHANISM OF HORMONE ACTION


  • Hormones bind to specific proteins (hormone receptors) in the target tissues and produce effect on them.
  • There are two types of receptors: membrane bound receptors (hormone receptors present on the cell membrane of the target cell) and intracellular receptors (receptors present inside the target cell).
  • Hormone-receptor complex is formed on binding of hormone to the receptor.
  • Receptors are specific.
  • This complex leads to certain biochemical changes in the target tissue.
  • Types of hormones:
  • Peptide, polypeptide, protein hormone
  • Steroids
  • Iodothyronines
  • Amino-acid derivatives

Hormones that interact with membrane-bound receptors generate second messenger (do not enter the target cell). These regulate cellular metabolism.


Pic shows Mechanism of Hormonal action.

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