Class 11 Biology Excretory Products Elimination Micturition


Micturition is the release of urine from urinary bladder through urethra. It is also termed as ‘Urination’. This occurs involuntarily in children upto 4-5 years; thereafter regulated voluntarily.

Regulation of Micturition

Urinary bladder plays an important role in regulating micturition. It is a Collapsible sac-like structure located in pelvis. Its walls are made of muscles called Detrusor muscles, and the lower portion of bladder is Bladder neck.

 Urinary bladder regulates micturition in the following way:

  • Urinary bladder is full with urine
  • Stretch receptors send signal to CNS
  • CNS send motor signals to contract detrusor muscles & relax sphincter muscles
  • Urine is released


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