Class 11 Biology Photosynthesis In Higher Plants Site of photosynthesis

Site of photosynthesis

  • The mesophyll cells in the leaves, have a large number of chloroplasts, which align themselves along the walls of the mesophyll cells, such that they get the optimum quantity of the incident light.
  • Within the chloroplast, there is the membranous system consisting of grana, the stroma lamellae, and the fluid stroma.
  • The membrane system is responsible for trapping the light energy and also for the synthesis of ATP and NADPH.
  • In stroma, enzymatic reactions incorporate CO2 into the plant leading to the synthesis of sugar, which in turn forms starch.
  • The set of reactions directly driven by light is called light reaction.
  • The reactions which are not directly light driven but are dependent on the products of light reactions (ATP and NADPH) are known as dark reactions.


Fig. Chloroplast

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