Class 11 Biology Plant Growth Development Plant growth generally is indeterminate

Plant growth generally is indeterminate

  • Plant growth is unique because plants retain the capacity for unlimited growth throughout their life due to the presence of meristems at certain locations in their body.
  • The cells of meristems have the capacity to divide and self-perpetuate.
  • The form of growth wherein new cells are always being added to the plant body by the activity of the meristem is called the open form of growth.
  • Apical meristems are responsible for primary growth of the plants and elongation of the plants along their axis.
  • Lateral meristems, vascular cambium and cork cambium, appear later and these are responsible for the increase in the girth.
  • The meristems that cause the increase in the girth of the organs in which they are active are known as secondary growth of the plant.


Fig. Secondary growth of plants

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