Class 11 Biology Plant Growth Development Phases of growth

Phases of growth

  • The period of growth is generally divided into three phases
  • Meristematic
  • elongation
  • maturation
  • The constantly dividing cells, both at the root apex and the shoot apex, represent the meristematic phase of growth.
  • The cells of meristamatic region are rich in protoplasm, possess large conspicuous nuclei, cell walls are primary in nature, thin and cellulosic with abundant plasmodesmatal connections.
  • The cells proximal to the meristematic zone represent the phase of elongation.
  • The cells of elongation phase show increased vacuolation, cell enlargement and new cell wall deposition.
  • Phase of maturation lies proximal to the phase of elongation.
  • The cells of maturation zone attain their maximal size in terms of wall thickening and protoplasmic modifications.



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