Class 11 Biology Transport In Plants Long distance transport of water

Long distance transport of water

  • Water, minerals and food are generally moved by a mass or bulk flow system.
  • Mass flow is the movement of substances in bulk from one point to another as a result of pressure differences between the two points.
  • In mass flow, the substances are swept along at the same pace.
  • Bulk flow can be achieved either through a positive hydrostatic pressure gradient or a negative hydrostatic pressure gradient.
  • The bulk movement of substances through the conducting or vascular tissues of plants is called translocation.
  • The higher plants have highly specialised vascular tissues called xylem and phloem.
  • Xylem is associated with translocation of mainly water, mineral salts, some organic nitrogen and hormones, from roots to the aerial parts of the plants.
  • The phloem translocates a variety of organic and inorganic solutes from the leaves to other parts of the plants.


Fig. Long distance transport of water and minerals

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