Class 11 Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Strategies to control environmental pollution: Waste managem

The improper disposal of waste is one of the major causes of  environmentaldegradation.

The two main sources of waste:

  • Household waste
  • Industrial waste

There should be proper way of collecting and disposal of waste which is referred as waste management

  • Domestic waste is collected in small bins which are then transferred to community bins by private or municipal workers
  • From these bins these are collected and are carried out to disposal site.At the site garbage is sorted out and separated in to bio or non-biodegradablesubstances.
  • The non-biodegradable such as plastics, glass etc are sent for recycling.The biodegradable waste are deposit in landfills and are converted into compost .
  • All domestic waste should be properly collected and disposed.The poor management causes health problems leading to epidemics due to contamination of ground water.

Management of industrial waste

They should also be sorted as bio or non-biodegradable.We can make them harmless before disposing.

Some methods that are employed are to manage industrial waste:

3r’s: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.


It means use lesser natural resources.


  • Switch off the electrical appliances when not needed
  • Save fuels by walking, etc.
  • Save food by not wasting food


  • It means processing of waste to form new products.
  • Practicing recycle saves resources, saves cost, also reduces the piling of waste materials.


  • It means using article again and again.
  • We can again use the used envelopes
  • The containers of jams and pickles are reused by storing other things.
  • Use cloth bags instead of using plastics.


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