Class 11 Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Green chemistry

Green chemistry

Green chemistry means producing the chemicals of our daily needs using such reactions or chemicals which are don’t use toxic chemicals or emit chemicals in atmosphere.

Technique used:

It stresses on use of friendly reagents like sunlight,microwaves, sound waves and enzymes.

  •  It is the way of thinking in how to utilize the existing knowledge and principles of chemistry and other science to reduce the adverse impact on environment. Green chemistry is a production process that would break about minimal pollution or deterioration to the environment.
  • The bi products generated during the process if not used add to the environmental pollution such process isnot only environmentalunfriendly but also cost ineffective. The waste generation and its disposal both are economical unsound.
  • Utilization of existing knowledge base for reducing the chemical hazards along with the developmental Activities that are eco-friendlyis green chemistry.

In total it is a cost-effective approach which involves reduction in materials, energy consumption and waste

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