Class 11 Chemistry Organic Chemistry IUPAC system (Geneva system)

IUPAC system (Geneva system)

It is international union of pure & applied Chemistry. This system was introduced in 1947 revised in 1933.According to this name of compound consist of 3 parts that is:

Prefix  WordRoot  Suffix

Word root:



Suffix  two types:- 1. Primary (Indicates the bond)

2. Secondary (Indicates the functional group)

Primary Suffix

  • Indicate the type of bond between Carbon atoms like:
  • Single Bond(ane)
  • Double Bond(ene)
  • Triple Bond(yne)
  • If two or three double or triple bond or present so, they are named as di, tri, tert etc.

 Secondary suffix

  • Indicate the functional group


Note: While adding secondary suffix to primary suffix ‘e’ of primary suffix is dropped, if sec suffix begins with vowel.


 Indicate substituent present in compound.

They can be

  • Alkyl group’s (which have one Hydrogen less than alkane).

                Example:- CH3- methyl , C2H5 - Ethyl

  • Functional group - If more than two functional groups are present, than one is treated as main functional group and other as substituent. The prefix used for functional groups are:

F = Fluoro 

Cl = Chloro

Br = Bromo

I = Iodo

NO2+ = Nitro

NH2- = Amino

NO = Nitro

N=N = Diazo

OCH3 = Methoxy

OC2H5 = Ethoxy

OH = Hydroxy


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