Class 11 Chemistry Redox Reactions Electrochemical series

Electrochemical series

 Is the arrangement of elements in order of increasing potential. It is the series has the values starting from –ve to positive. The series is shown below:



  1. The series tells us about the strength of reducing or oxidizing agents

“Lower the value of potential, stronger is the reducing agent “or vice versa.

  1. The series tells us how to calculate standard electrode potential for cell that is :

             E* = (Ec - Ea)

  1. The series helps us to predict the feasibility of reaction.
  • ‘If value of E* is positive , then the reaction is feasible
  • If not positive, than the given reaction is not feasible “
  1. The series helps us to know which metal will evolve hydrogen gas and which will not.

“All the metals with negative reduction potential will evolve hydrogen and others do not.”

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