Class 11 Chemistry Structure of Atom Electromagnetic theory

Electromagnetic theory: According to this theory

  1. Energy is emitted or absorbed continuously in the form of radiant energy.
  2. These radiations consist of electric and magnetic field acting perpendicular to the direction of propagation of wave.
  3. These waves can travel through medium as well as through vacuum.
  4. The radiations travel with speed =3x108m/sec.

Characteristics of wave



  • Wavelength: It IS Distance between two crest or trough.

             Units Used:- pm(picometer)

              1 pm:- 10-12

               1nm :- 10-9

               1nm :- 10-10

  • Frequency: number of waves produced in one second.
  • Units Used:- sec-1, Hertz
  • Velocity of light: It is distance travelled with respect to time in any direction.
  • Units Used:- m/sec
  • Amplitude: maximum displacement of particle from its mean position.
  • Units Used:- m or cm
  • Wave number: number of waves in 1cm length.

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