Class 11 Chemistry The S Block Elements Quick Lime

Quick Lime

  • The chemical name of Quick Lime is Calcium Oxide (CaO).

  • It is a white amorphous solid.
  • The melting point of CaO is 2870 K.
  • It absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide when exposed to atmosphere.
  • It is used in manufacturing industry to manufacture cement, dye stuffs and sodium carbonate.
  • It is also used for the purification of sugar.
  • It is prepared byheating limestone (CaCO3) in a kiln at a temperature of 1070-1270 K.

CaCO3  <--> CaO + CO2

  • Addition of water to CaO results in slaking of lime.
  • Slaking of Quick lime with sodaresults solid soda lime.
  • CaO being a basic oxide combines with acidic oxides at high

CaO + SiO2 --> CaSiO3

6CaO + P4O10 --> 2Ca3 (PO4)2

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