Class 11 Chemistry The S Block Elements Slaked lime

Slaked lime

  • The chemical name of slaked lime is Calcium Hydroxide Ca (OH) 2.

  • It is a white amorphous powder sparingly soluble in water.
  • Passing carbon dioxide throughaqueoussolution of Ca(OH) 2 lime water it turns milky due to the formation of calcium carbonate.

Ca (OH) 2 + CO2   --> CaCO3 + H2O

Lime                      Calcium Carbonate

  • Passing excess of carbon dioxide dissolves theprecipitate to form calcium

CaCO3+ CO2 + H2O     -->    Ca (HCO3)2

Calcium Carbonate        Calcium hydrogen carbonate

Ca(OH)2 is extensively used in the preparation of mortar, for white wash, glass making and also in tanning industry.

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