Class 11 Maths Mathematical Reasoning Contrapositive

Contrapositive, Converse, Inverse

Statement:         if p then q

Converse:           if q then p

Inverse:                               if not p then not q

Contrapositive:                 if not q then not p

If a statement is true, contrapositive is also true.

If converse is true, the inverse is also logically true.



Contra positive  of a given statement “if p, then q” is if ~q, then ~p.


If object is square, then object is Polygon

If object is triangle, then object is Polygon

Contra positive:

If object is not polygon, then it is not Square

If object is not polygon, then it is not Triangle

Statement:         If p à then q

Contra positive:                If  ~q à then ~p

If statement is true then contra positive is also true.


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