Class 11 Maths Sets Conventions in Set

Conventions in Set

  • Sets are usually denoted by capital letters A, B, C, X, Y, Z, etc.
  • The elements of a set are represented by small letters a, b, c ,d etc.
  • If a is an element of a set A, we say that “ a belongs to A” the Greek symbol (epsilon) is used to denote the phrase ‘belongs to’. Thus, we write a ∈
  • If ‘b’ is not an element of a set A, we write b ∉ A and read “b does not belong to A”.
  • Objects, elements and members of a set are synonymous terms.


If V is set of vowels, a & b are alphabets, then a ∈ V but b ∉ V.

P is set of prime factors of 30, then 3 ∈ P but 15 ∉ P.


There are two Methods of representing Set

  • Roster or tabular form.
  • Set-builder form.

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