Class 11 Maths Sets Finite & infinite set

Finite & infinite set

A set which is empty or consists of a definite number of elements is called finite otherwise, the set is called infinite.

E.g. A = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}                                        Finite :n(A)=5.

 B = {all natural numbers}                             In-finite : n(B)=infinite

n (S): number of distinct elements

Examples of infinite & finite set:

  1. Let W be the set of the days of the week. Then W is finite.
  2.  Let G be the set of points on a line. Then G is infinite.
  3.  Let A be set of  rats in India, then A is infinite.
  4.  Let B be set of months in a year, then B is finite.
  5.  Let  P be set of all prime numbers, the P is infinite.

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