Class 11 Physics Kinetic Theory Specific Heat Capacity for solids

Specific Heat Capacity for solids

  • Consider there are N atoms in a solid. Each atom can oscillate about its mean position.
  • Therefore vibrational degree of freedom = kBT
  • In one-dimensional average energy=kBT, in three-dimensional average energy =3KBT
  • Therefore total internal energy (U) of 1 mole of solid = 3KBTxNA= 3RT
  • At constant pressure, ΔQ = ΔU + PΔV change in volume is very less in solids .Therefore ΔV = 0.
  • =>ΔQ = ΔU
  • CV=(dU/dT)v
  • CP=(dQ/dT)Vas ΔQ = ΔU, Therefore CV=dU/dT=3R
  • Therefore CP=CV=3R

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