Class 11 Physics Kinetic Theory Specific Heat Capacity of water

Specific Heat Capacity of water

  • Consider water as solid,so it will have ‘N’ number of atoms.
  • Therefore for each atom average energy =3kBT
  • No of molecules in H2O= 3 atoms.
  • Total internal energy U=3kBTx3xNA =9RT.
  • CV=CP=9R.

Conclusion on Specific heat

  • According to classical mechanics, the specific heat which is calculated based on degree of freedom should be independent of temperature.
  • However T->0,degree of freedom becomes inefficient.
  • This shows classical mechanics is not enough; as a result quantum mechanics came into play.
  • According to quantum mechanics minimum non-zero energy is required for degree of freedom to come into play.
  • Specific heats of all substances approach zero as T->0.

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