Class 11 Physics Laws of Motion Friction- A boon or Bane against motion

Friction- A boon or Bane against motion

Friction is a boon because of its advantages like:

  • Friction helps in walking

When we walk, we push the ground backwards with one foot. According to Newton’s Third law, there is an equal and opposite force exerted by the ground. This force is exerted on a comparatively smaller mass i.e. our foot. So, acceleration is increases. Hence the other foot gets accelerated.

If there is no friction, we will slip and can’t walk.


  • Friction helps in movement of automobiles


Friction is a bane because of its disadvantages:

  • A good amount of useful energy is wasted as heat in various machine parts
  • Noise produced in machines
  • Engines of automobiles consume more fuel


Methods to reduce Friction:

  • Use of Lubricants

  • Use of Grease
  • Use of Ball bearing
    • Ball bearings are kind of rolling elements that use small freely rotating metal balls which reduce friction.



  • Design modification of different parts of machine to reduce friction

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