Class 11 Physics Mechanical Properties of Solids Solids and their mechanical properties

Solids and their mechanical properties

  • Mechanical Properties of solids describe characteristics such as their strength and resistance to deformation.
  • It describes about the ability of an object to withstand the stress applied to that object. Objects also resist changing their shape.
  • For example:- Objects such as clay can be easily deformed so they have less resistance to deformation but objects like iron don’t change their shapes easily. When heated they change their shapes which means they have very high resistance to deformation.


Clay can be moulded in the shape of an earthen pot.

Mechanical properties:-

1. Elasticity: - Elasticity is a property by virtue of which original shape is regained once the external force is removed.

  • This means it tells us how much elastic a body is.
  • For example:- A spring .If we stretch a spring it changes its shape and when the external force is removed spring comes back to its original position.


Rubber Band

2. Plasticity: - Plasticity is reverse of elasticity.

  • Property means permanent deformation.
  • The object never regains its original shape even when the external force is removed. These types of objects are called as plastics.
  • For example:- Toys, Buckets made up of plastics.

Plastic bucket

Toy made of plastic.


3. Ductility: - Property of being drawn into thin wires or sheets.

  • For Example: - Small chains of gold and silver.


Chain made of gold.

 4. Strength: - Ability to withstand applied stress without failure.

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