Class 11 Physics Mechanical Properties of Solids Stress


  • Stress is the restoring force per unit area.
  • Whenever we apply an external force on the body to change its shape there is a restoring force that develops in the body in the opposite direction.
  • For example:-
    • When we apply an external force to a rubber ball at the same instant of time some force develops in the ball which acts in the opposite direction.
    • This opposite force which develops in the ball when an external force is applied is known as restoring force.
    • Both the forces are equal in magnitude.
  • Mathematically:-
  • Stress = F/A  
  • Where F= restoring force develops in the body because of force we apply.
  • A=area 
  • S.I. Unit :- N/m2 or Pascal(Pa)  
  • Dimensional formula is [ML–1T–2].

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