Class 11 Physics Mechanical Properties of Solids Shearing Strain

Shearing Strain

  • Shearing strain is the measure of the relative displacement of the opposite faces of the body as a result of shearing stress.
  • If we apply force parallel to the cross - sectional area because of which there was relative displacement between the opposite faces of the body.
  • Shearing strain measures to what extent the two opposite faces got displaced relative to each other.
  • Mathematically:-
    • Consider a cube whose initial length was L which is at some position and when it gets displaced by an angle θ.
    • Let the small relative displacement be x.
  • Shearing strain= x/L
    • In terms of tan θ,
    • Shearing strain = tan θ = x/L
    • tan θ  is equal to  θ  (as θ is very small)
  • Therefore, x/L = θ

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