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Scalar product

  • The scalar product or dot product of any two vectors A and B, denoted as A.B (Read A dot B) is defined as   , where q is the angle between the two vectors.
  • A, B and cos θ are scalars, the dot product of A and B is a scalar quantity. Both vectors, A and B, have a direction but their scalar product does not have a direction.
  • B is the product of the magnitude of A and the component of B along A. Alternatively, it is the product of the magnitude of B and the component of A along B.


  • B = B.A , i.e. Scalar product is commutative.
  • (B + C) = A.B + A.C , i.e. Scalar product is distributive.
  • Further, λ A. (λ B) = λ (A.B) where λ is a real number.


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