Class 11 Physics Work Energy Power The Conservation of Mechanical Energy

The Conservation of Mechanical Energy

  • Mechanical Energy is the energy associated with the motion and position of an object.
  • The quantity K +V(x), is called the total mechanical energy of the system.
  • For a conservative force, ΔK = ΔW = F(x) Δx
    Also, - V(x) = F(x) Δx
  • This employs Δ(K+V) =0 for a conservative force.
  • Individually the kinetic energy K and the potential energy V(x) may vary from point to point, but the sum is a constant.
  • Conservative Force:
  • A force F(x) is conservative if it can be derived from a scalar quantity V(x) by the relation  : F(x) = - dv/dx
  • The work done by the conservative force depends only on the end points.
  • A third definition states that the work done by this force in a closed path is zero.
  • The total mechanical energy of a system is conserved if the forces, doing work on it, are conservative.

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