Class 11 Physics Work Energy Power Collision in 1-D

Collision in 1-D

  • If the initial velocities and final velocities of both the bodies are along the same straight line, then it is called a one-dimensional collision, or head-on collision.

Elastic collision:


( A ball of mass m1 with initial velocity v1 strikes a ball of mass m2 initially at rest and after collision ball 1 moves with velocity v’1 and ball 2 moves with velocity v’2 , in the same direction)

  • Momentum conservation: m1 v1 + m2 v2 = m1v1’ + m2 v2
  • KE conservation: m1 v12 + m2 v22 = m1v’12 + m2 v’22
  • Where m1,m2 are the masses of the two blocks
    v1 is initial velocity of block 1, v2=0 here
    v’1 is final velocity of block 1
  • After solving these two equations we get,


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