Class 11 Physics Work Energy Power Completely inelastic collision

Completely inelastic collision

( A ball of mass m1 with initial velocity v1 strikes a ball of mass m2 initially at rest and the two ball stick to each other after collision, in the same direction)

  • Where m1,m2 are the masses of the two blocks
    v1 is initial velocity of block 1, v2=0 here
    vf is final velocity of the two block moving together

Example: The bob A of a pendulum is released  to hit vertically another bob B of the same mass at rest on a table as shown in Figure. How high does the bob A rise after the elastic collision?

Solution:  Since this is a case of both objects with same mass, so the bob B will move with the velocity of bob A. Now with energy conservation it will rise to a height of h only.

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