Class 12 Biology Biodiversity and Conservation Loss of biodiversity

Loss of biodiversity

  • The colonization of tropical Pacific Islands by humans is said to have led to the extinction of more than 2,000 species of native bird.
  • The IUCN Red List (2004) documents the extinction of 784 species.
  • Some examples of recent extinctions include the dodo (Mauritius), quagga (Africa), thylacine (Australia), Steller’s Sea Cow (Russia) and three subspecies (Bali, Javan, Caspian) of tiger.
  • Loss of biodiversity in a region may lead to
  • Decline in plant production
  • Lowered resistance to environmental perturbations such as drought
  • Increased variability in certain ecosystem processes such as plant productivity, water use, and pest and disease cycles.


Fig. dodo, thylacine, javan

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