Class 12 Biology Enhancement In Food Production Management of farm and farm animals

Management of farm and farm animals

Dairy farm management

  • Dairying is the management of animals for milk and its products for human consumption.
  • Dairying deals with processes and systems that increase yield and improve quality of milk.

Important measuresfor improvement of dairy farm-

  • Selection of good breeds having high yielding potential.
  • The animals have to be housed well, should have adequate water and be maintained disease free.
  • Providing good quality and quantity of fodder.
  • Maintenance of hygienic environment.
  • A regular visit to a veterinary doctor is mandatory.

Fig. dairy farm


Poultry farm management

  • Poultry is the class of domesticated fowl (birds) used for food or for their eggs.
  • Poultry include chicken and ducks, turkey and geese.

Important measures for improvement of poultry farm-

  • Selection of disease free and suitable breeds.
  • Proper and safe farm conditions
  • Proper feed and water
  • Maintenance of hygiene and proper care of health should be taken.

Fig. poultry farm  

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