Class 12 Biology Enhancement In Food Production Controlled breeding experiments

Controlled breeding experiments

  • The experiments which are carried out to improve the quality of animals are called controlled breeding experiments.
  • Controlled breeding experiments are carried out using artificial insemination and multiple ovulation embryo transfer technology.

Artificial insemination

  • The semen is collected from the male and injected into the reproductive tract of the selected female by the breeders.
  • The semen can be used immediately or can be frozen for using later.
  • The semen can be transported in frozen form to where the female is housed.
  • Artificial insemination can overcome several problems of normal matings and desirable matings can be carried out.

Fig. semen is injected into the reproductive tract of the female  

Multiple ovulation embryo transfer technology (MOET)

  • Cow is administered with hormones having FSH like activity which induces follicular maturation and produces 6-8 eggs instead of one egg called as
  • The super ovulated animal is mated with elite bull or artificially inseminated.
  • The eggs are removed at 8-32 cells stage non-surgically and one is transferred to a surrogate mother.
  • The genetic mother can again be used for superovulation.
  • High milk yielding breeds of females and high quality meat yielding bulls of cattle, sheep, rabbits etch have been bred successfully to increase herd size in a short time.

fig. mating of super ovulated female with a male

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