Class 12 Biology Enhancement In Food Production Bee keeping

Bee keeping

  • Bee keeping can also be termed as apiculture
  • The maintenance of hives of honey bees for the production of honey is called bee keeping.
  • Honey produced by honey bees has high nutritive value.
  • Honey bee also produces bee wax which is widely used in the preparation of cosmetics and polishes of various kinds.
  • There are species of honey bees which can be reared and the most common species is

Benefits of honey bees-

  • Bees are pollinators of many crop species such as Sunflower. Brassica, Apple and Pear.
  • Keeping of bee hives increase pollination in crop fields and improve yield.
  • Honey bees are beneficial for crop yield and honey yield.

Requirements for successful bee keeping

  • Knowledge of the nature and habits of honey bees.
  • Selection of suitable location for keeping the bee hives.
  • Catching and hiving of swarms.
  • Management of beehives during different seasons.
  • Handling and collection of honey and bees wax.

Fig. bee keeping  

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