Class 12 Biology Human Health Disease Prevention and control of Drug Abuse

Effects, prevention and control of Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Immediate effects are reckless behavior, vandalism and violence.

Excessive doses of drugs may lead to coma and death due to respiratory failure, heart failure or cerebral hemorrhage.

Those who take drugs intravenously can get infected with AIDS, hepatitis B.

The chronic use of drugs and alcohol damages nervous system and cause liver cirrhosis.

The use of drugs and alcohol during pregnancy is also known to adversely affect the foetus.

Use of anabolic steroids in females can cause masculinisation, increased aggressiveness, mood swings, depression, abnormal menstrual cycles, excessive hair, growth on the face and body, enlargement of clitoris, deepening of voice.

In males anabolic steroids can cause acne, increased aggressiveness, mood swings, depression, reduction of size of the testicles, decreased sperm production, potential for kidney and liver dysfunction, breast enlargement, premature baldness, enlargement of the prostate gland.


Prevention and Control

The measures useful for prevention and control of alcohol and drugs abuse among adolescents-

  • Avoid undue peer pressure on children.
  • Children should be educated and counseled to bear problems and stress in life.
  • The child should seek help from parents and elders.
  • Affected individuals should seek medical help ofqualified psychologists, psychiatrists, and deaddiction and rehabilitation programmes.

Fig. parents help and consultation with qualified psychiatrists can prevent and control alcohol and drug abuse  

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