Class 12 Biology Inheritance Variation CHROMOSOMAL THEORY OF INHERITANCE


  • Mendel published his work on inheritance of characters in 1865 but was unrecognized till 1900.
  • In 1900, de Vries, Correns and von Tschermak worked independently and rediscovered Mendel’s results.
  • In 1902, Walter Sutton and Theodore Boveri studied the chromosomal movement during meiosis.
  • According to this theory,
  1. Genes are located at specific locations on the chromosomes.
  2. Chromosomes as well as gene both occur in pairs.
  3. Homologous chromosomes separate during meiosis.
  4. Fertilization restores chromosome number to diploid condition.
  5. Chromosomes segregate as well as assort independently.


Pic shows Meiosis and Germ cell formation in a cell with four chromosomes.

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