Class 12 Biology Microbes In Human Welfare Microbes in the production of biogas

Microbes in the production of biogas

Biogas is a mixture of gases (containing predominantly methane) produced by the microbial activity.

Certain bacteria grow anaerobically on cellulosic material and produce large amount of methane along with CO2 and H2 which are collectively called as methanogens.

One common methanogen is Methanobacterium

These bacteria are commonly found in the anaerobic sludge during sewage treatment and in the rumen of cattle to digest cellulose in the food of the cattle , thus the excreta of cattle, commonly called gobar can be used for generation of biogas, commonly called gobar gas.

Biogas plant

  • The biogas plant consists of a concrete tank (10-15 feet deep) in which bio-wastes are collected and a slurry of dung is fed.
  • A floating cover is placed over the slurry, which keeps on rising as the gas is produced in the tank due to the microbial activity.
  • The biogas plant has an outlet, which is connected to a pipe to supply biogas to nearby houses.
  • The spent slurry is removed through another outlet and may be used as fertilizer.
  • The biogas thus produced can be used for cooking and lighting.

Fig. biogas plant  

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