Class 12 Biology Molecular Basis of Inheritance Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Francis Crick in 1956 proposed the hypothesis of Central Dogma This explains the flow of genetic information in any biological system.


Three major classes of biopolymers are involved in this flow: DNA, RNA and Proteins.

With these 3 categories of biopolymers, a total of 9 transfers can be possible which are grouped under the following categories:

  1. General transfers: These transfers occur in most of the organisms
  2. a) DNA -> DNA (Replication)
  3.        b) DNA -> RNA (Transcription)
  4.        c) RNA -> Proteins (Translation)


In this lesson, we will discuss about these General transfers in detail.

  1. Special transfers: These occur in viruses where RNA is the genetic material
  2. a) RNA -> RNA
  3.         b) RNA -> DNA
  4.         c) DNA -> Proteins
  5. Unknown transfers: These transfers might be possible but yet not known
  6. a) RNA -> RNA
  7.     b) RNA -> DNA

       c) DNA -> Proteins

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