Class 12 Biology Molecular Basis of Inheritance Types of RNA

Types of RNA

  • There are three major types of RNAs
  • mRNA (messenger RNA),
  • tRNA (transfer RNA),
  • rRNA (ribosomal RNA).


  • All three RNAs are needed to synthesize a protein in a cell.
  • The mRNA provides the template, tRNA brings amino acids and reads the genetic code, and rRNAs play structural and catalytic role during translation

Structure of tRNA

  • The tRNA, also called as sRNA (soluble RNA) has a role as an adapter molecule.
  • tRNA has an anticodon loop that has bases complementary to the code.
  • It has an amino acid accepter end to which it binds to amino acids.
  • The secondary structure of tRNA looks like a clover-leaf.
  • In actual structure, the tRNA is compact molecule which looks like inverted L.



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