Class 12 Biology Reproductive Health Reproductive health- problems and strategies

Reproductive health- problems and strategies

Major problems associated with reproductive health

  • Over population- explosion in population causes a scarcity of every basic need and hence affect the well-being of reproductive health.
  • Sex education- due to lack of sex education people are not concerned about safe and hygienic sexual practice.
  • Adolescence related changes- the changes which take place in adolescent can lead to sex abuse and hence can affect reproductive health.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases- sexually transmitted diseases can affect the reproductive health.
  • Sex abuse and sex related crimes- sex abuse can cause physical injury, unwanted pregnancy, vaginal discharge, pelvic pain etc.
  • Female foeticides- female foeticides can affect reproductive and sexual health of a woman.


Family planning-

  • The increase in human population, health and education of all the children as well as marriage and child bearing capacity of individuals are some special concerns for the overall reproductive health.
  • Keeping in view the concerns of reproductive health, Government of India initiate ‘Family Planning’ programme in 1951 and ‘Reproductive and Child Healthcare’ programme (RCH) in 1997.
  • The major objectives of the programme are to create awareness among people about various reproductive aspects and maintain a total wellbeing of the reproductive organs.
  • Awareness about reproduction and social evils- Government and non-government agencies have taken various steps to create awareness about consequences of uncontrolled population growth, social evils like sex abuse, sex related crimes etc.

Sex education-

  • Introduction of sex- education in schools and colleges is another step to provide right information to the youth.
  • Sex education save the young people from myths and misconceptions about sex related issues. 
  • Knowledge about birth control methods and care of mother and child- It is important to provide information to the couples and also who are in marriageable age group about birth control methods, care of pregnent mothers, importance of breast feeding, equality to the sex and equal opportunities to the male and female child etc.

Infrastructural facilities and material support-

  • Medical assistance be provided should and people should be cared in reproduction related problems like pregnancy, delivery. STDs, abortions, menstrual problems etc.
  • Implementation of better techniques and new strategies from time to time is also required to provide more efficient care and assistance to people.

Ban on amniocentesis-

  • Amniocentesis is a foetal sex determination test based on the chromosomal pattern in the amniotic fluid surrounding the developing embryo.
  • Amniocentesis is done to determine sex legally should be banned as it increases female foeticide.

Fig. amniocentesis  

Massive child immunization programme should be implemented to achieve the goal of reproductive health

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