Class 12 Biology Reproductive Health Population explosion

Population explosion

  • The rapid increase in human population over a relatively short period of time is called population explosion.
  • Due to overall development in various fields like increased health facilities, better living conditions the quality of life of people has been increased which had a great impact on growth of population.

Reasons for population explosion

  • A rapid decline in death rate, Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant Mortality Rate(IMR).
  • An increase in number of people in reproducible age.
  • Control of diseases and better public health care with greater medical attention.

Steps to control population explosion

  • People should be educated about the advantages of smaller family.
  • Statutory raising the marriageable age of male and female is an effective mean to control the population.
  • The couples of reproductive age are motivated to family planning by adopting birth control measures.

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