Class 12 Chemistry Amines Nomenclature of Amines by IUPAC System

Nomenclature of Amines by IUPAC System

Common Names of Amines

  • An aliphatic amine is named by prefixing alkyl group to amine, i.e. alkylamine as 1 word.
  • We are considering primary amines.


  • In secondary and tertiary amines, when two or more groups are the same, the prefix di or tri is added to the before the name of alkyl group.


  • In case of mixed amine, alkyl group are written in alphabetical order.


IUPAC System

  • In IUPAC system, amines are named as alkanamines, derived by replacement by ‘e’ of alkane by the word amine.
  • For Example: - Methanamine (CH3NH2), Ethan amine (C2H5NH2).
  • For naming higher member hydrocarbon, longest chain containing amino group is selected. C atom to which amino group is attached is given to lower number.


  • In case, more than one amino group is present at different positions in the parent chain, their positions are specified by giving numbers to carbon atoms bearing –NH2 groups and suitable prefix such as di, tri etc. is attached to the amine. The letter ’e’ of the suffix of the hydrocarbon part is retained.
  • For Example:- (Ethane 1,2 diamine) H2N-CH2-CH2-NH2
  • Each alkyl group bonded to the N atom is named as N-alkyl group.

Aryl Amines

  • In aryl amines, -NH2 group is directly attached to the benzene ring.
  • C6H5NH2 is the simplest example of aryl amine. It is also known as aniline.


  • Naming aryl amines according to IUPAC system, suffix ‘e’ of arene is replaced by ‘amine’.
  • For Example: - C6H5-NH2 is named as benzenamine.


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